Arboleda Brechner emphasizes business-oriented counseling, professionalism and integrity.

Our team has represented a major league baseball team, major banking institutions, manufacturing companies, nutraceuticals, health care providers, retail and wholesale businesses, in addition to small start-up companies, local businesses and individuals.

We dedicate ourselves to produce timely, quality legal services efficiently. Our moderate size assures personal attention to clients’ needs by experienced, knowledgeable practitioners, and permits careful control of the quality of services, in addition to avoiding the dissipation of client resources through over-lawyering. We regularly discuss budgets for legal services with existing and potential clients and provide estimates of probable charges for specific projects.

Legal issues and legal problems are no longer constrained to Arizona’s border.

As clients increasingly operate in multiple states, we have provided legal counsel and litigation services to clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Florida and Utah. In addition to United States, we have litigated cases in Switzerland, Venezuela, Dutch Antilles and Mexico. We are proud to have attorneys registered to in many other jurisdictions.

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