Chapter 13 – Bankruptcy

[30-June-14 0:57:46]
C hapter 13 is typically designed for an individual debtor who has a regular source of income. Chapter 13 is preferable to Chapter 7 when it might...

Chapter 11 – Bankruptcy

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T he process of filing a Chapter 11 and obtaining confirmation of the debtor’s Chapter 11 Plan can be quite complex and costly. Accordingly, most...

Chapter 7 – Bankruptcy

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A chapter 7 bankruptcy case does not involve the filing of a plan of repayment like a reorganization Chapter 11 or Chapter 13. Instead, the bankruptcy trustee is...

Non-Dischargeability Actions

[30-June-14 0:52:28]
A n adversary proceeding is a lawsuit that is part of a bankruptcy case. Most cases do not involve an adversary proceeding because adversary proceedings...

Bankruptcy Basics

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B ankruptcy is a proceeding in which a court administers the estate (the property and other assets) of a debtor for the benefit of creditors. A debtor (a person...

Discharge Taxes

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T he ability to discharge a tax in bankruptcy, and the selection of the proper bankruptcy chapter, is primarily determined by four dates: the last date...


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A rboleda Brechner services its client’s litigation, trial, and appellate needs by relying on a common-sense approach to dispute resolution. Recognizing that the demand on...
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law

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O ur Bankruptcy/Creditors and Debtors Rights Practice Group is a thriving practice, devoted to assisting clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern commercial and consumer...