rboleda Brechner services its client’s litigation, trial, and appellate needs by relying on a common-sense approach to dispute resolution. Recognizing that the demand on resources pressed by the mere filing of a case can have a significant effect on the profitability or viability of a company, an entrepreneur, or a family, our Firm prides itself in staffing cases with tough, knowledgeable lawyers committed to resolving commercial disputes. The results speak for themselves. Over and over our lawyers are able to exceed client’s expectations by putting to good use the wealth of experience and expertise available within the firm. Our lawyers excel because our Firm demands results on a timely, cost effective manner to difficult, complex and novel problems. In this regard, our lawyers are required to think of creative ways to achieve the goals set by the client.

From our offices in Phoenix and Flagstaff, we practice as one firm, holding closely to core values that start with a deep commitment to creativity and the quality of our advocacy on behalf of clients. We are proud of our emphasis on teamwork among our lawyers and other professionals and a belief in the obligation of lawyers to make legal services available to all who need them.

Our lawyers are recognized for their legal skills and the depth of their expertise. Many of our lawyers make a significant commitment to the community by holding seminars to educate other professionals and the public. The diversity of our lawyers strengthens our ability to evaluate issues confronting our clients and to communicate effectively on their behalf in any setting. And because every client is a client of the firm, not of any specific lawyer, every client has the ability to call on any of our lawyers as needed. And while we would never claim to be all things to all clients, due to the talent and depth of our lawyers, we are many things to many clients.

We oversee a practice that represents both plaintiffs and defendants. We have the experience and training to assist clients in all adversarial contexts, including hearings, trials, appeals, mediation and arbitration in federal and state court, administrative agency, and board proceedings. We represent our clients in matters ranging from commercial disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, collections, real estate, and contract disputes.

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